Christina + Aaron {Greenville, SC Engagement Photographer}

In honor of it being Valentines week, I thought I'd do a post on a couple that is just so preciously in love! They chose to do a classic and casual downtown engagement shoot. It was so fun to get to know them as the session went on. That's one of my most favorite things about my wedding clients that choose to do an engagement's truly a chance to get to know each other and to feel completely comfortable on their wedding day. Christina and Aaron's wedding will be at Larkin's and I can't wait to help them celebrate!

Catie + Christophe {Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer}

This was probably one of the most seamlessly executed weddings I've been a part of! Truly using the beauty of the city as their backdrop, Catie + Christophe decided to do a first look on the Liberty Bridge in Falls Park, followed by pictures on the park grounds. Their candlelight ceremony was held in the front space of the Certus Loft. Following, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with a full bar and a signature drink of Blenheim & Burboun. Guests were then seated in the larger room for dinner and dancing. They enjoyed themselves amidst a heavenly oasis of creamy neutrals, candles and cut crystal. The party continued with laughter and dancing. The newly wedded couple exited through a tunnel of sparklers and made their escape in a vintage Mercedes. Truly, not a detail was overlooked at this stunning affair!

Lauren + Adam {Greenville, SC Engagement Photographer}

No words can describe how insanely excited I am to photograph Adam and Lauren's wedding in May! These too are just so in love. We met not too long ago and just really felt great around each other. They are so kind and down to earth I couldn't wait to start working with them. Adam lives in Beaufort so they decided they really wanted to do their engagement session at the Old Sheldon Church Ruins...what a dream! I took a day trip down there and we had such a fun and relaxed time together. I was again reminded what great people these two are...they are perfect for each other. Not to mention they are GORGEOUS. ;)

Holly + Chris {Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer}

When I met Holly over coffee a couple months before her wedding, I knew she'd be great to work with! She's beautiful inside and out and her new hubby Chris is just as great! Their wedding was held at The Loom in Simpsonville, which is a beautiful loft space with sweeping windows and rustic original wooden floors. Bright colors of yellow and purple made the occasion sing. Thanks Holly and Chris for letting me in on your special day!

{Family} Holiday Mini Sessions at The Station

It's a wrap! Holiday Mini-Sessions have come and gone...galleries have been delivered and customers are happy! I had so much fun entertaining 13 families over the course of 2 days in the Station studio! I had Christmas music playing and handed out cookies by Buttercream Bakehouse as a thank you to all who came. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

A BIG thank you goes to Suzie Bunn of Statice Couture Florals + Event Design, who so graciously collaborated with me to design these unique holiday setups. It was so fun because they all could be modified for different size families, single kiddos, and even a Jewish family! Part of what made the setups really come to life was the beautiful furniture provided to us by A Darling Day vintage rentals. 

Thank you again for all who came out for the 2014 Holiday Mini-Sessions...your business and support means the world! :)

{Newborn Collaboration} A Styled Session with Twins, Nehemiah + Jayceon

Just about the minute I heard that my daughter's friend was going to have twin baby sisters, my gears started turning. Ever since starting to photograph newborns (and falling in love with the niche as I have) I've wanted to tackle multiples, but I've been nervous to do it on my own. Recently, my colleague, Katie Pruess of Seek Joy Photography, and I have spent some time getting to know each other and "talking shop." See, Katie, is an incredible child photographer and has recently really honed in on her love of photographing newborns as well. She has a ton of experience (she even did triplets—check out her homepage) and I have a ton of respect for her work. We'd talked about collaborating over lunch...we knew we could work well together. 

Literally the next day I saw the grandmama when I was picking up my girls from school and she said that the mommy, was in labor. LIGHTBULB...I rushed home and messaged Katie about collaborating on a styled session with these precious newborn twins. She was in. I talked to the family the following day and they were ecstatic to be a part of it! We scheduled the session and the planning began.

Incorporating local Greenville vendors was key. Elaine Noonan of Creative Hats & More, my most trusted newborn prop vendor was quick to jump in and make a beautiful layering blanket, matching halos, and an additional set of ribbon halos. Suzie Bunn of Statice Florals + Event Design, created the most stunning fresh flower crowns for the babies as well as a wreath of greenery for a holiday setup (she also did a great job helping as a 3rd set of hands). Lastly, Jessica Barley of A Darling Day, graciously let us use a groovy red vintage couch (don't worry, we layered plenty of puppy pee pads under the babies). All of this was to take place at no other than my new(ish) home away from home, The Station, where we'd be able to have multiple areas set up ahead of time as well as outside options in the back yard. It was perfect, the light, the floors, everything. 

We had an ambitious amount of setups planned...but let me tell you these baby girls were ANGELS. They literally slept for 3.5 hours straight! We were able to do every single thing we wanted to. Not only were they so good for us but they. are. so. beautiful. Katie and I took turns shooting and posing the babies, subtly changing the different setups to give them our own unique twists and doing a few of our own individual setups. We were two hot, sticky, happy ladies by the end. Mission accomplished. Here are the finished results...enjoy the smushy sweetness!

Intimate Wedding at the Glassy Chapel {Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer}

I always love small weddings. There's something so sweet about surrounding yourself just with the closest people in your life. That's what Chuck and Amy did for their sweet wedding. The ceremony took place up at the Glassy Chapel. It was a chilly, blustery day with the clouds slipping past the mountain so fast that the light would change from sunny to stormy in seconds. After the emotionally charged ceremony we headed down the mountain to a delightful dinner at High Cotton in Downtown Greenville. Amy, her friends and family hand made all the centerpieces...and I have never seen such a beautifully intricate DIY project! She nailed it! These crazy kids dined and toasted in style. These people know how to throw one heck of a party! It was a great day had by all!

{Newborn} Bennett

Recently I've been getting a lot of business from my church, which feels so wonderful. There has been quite a baby boom there and I love that so many sweet families have been trusting me to capture their most precious family additions. 

Meet Bennett. His mama literally stuffed him full of breastmilk while I was setting up and let me tell you, this little guy was so milk-drunk and so sweet and sleepy! Even when he woke up later in the session...he was just as content as could be. I love the soft, neutral tones his family chose.

Hats and crocheted layering piece by Creative Hats and More.

{Children} Michael, the coolest 2-year-old on the block.

Hey guys! It's been forever since I've shared a session on my blog. I'm going to try and do better! Here's a fun session I recently did with Michael. It's not often you get a request to do an urban-themed shoot with a little one. This was just so much fun and Michael was THE BEST 2 year old boy I've ever photographed...he was such a natural. Can we say future model??

{Engagement} Katie & Dylan Farm Session

Katie is a dear sweet friend who came into my life not so long ago. She is like a little sister to me…So when I was asked by her boyfriend (at the time) to go in cahoots with him to “stalk shoot” his proposal to her, I was beyond elated! She and I were working together at the time so believe it or not we were on an overnight photo shoot together for the entire day before the day of the proposal…talk about hard to keep a secret! I even tried to throw her off a little! Well it obviously worked because the proposal went perfectly, and Katie was completely shocked. The weather didn’t so much cooperate, but I think the rain added a lovely element of romance and surprise.


After Katie and Dylan were engaged for a bit and settled into wedding planning, we decided to plan an engagement session out at my family farm. It was a beautiful day and this gorgeous couple shined in their love for one another. I’m excited to attend their wedding as a guest on June 28 at the Certus Loft, and I just know Jessica, from A Darling Day, will do a wonderful job capturing their special day. Cheers to you Katie and Dylan!

{Newborns} Little Laurel

It's really awesome to watch your dearest friends become mommies. Since I was one of the first of my friends to tackle parenthood it's been particularly fun to watch it through mommy eyes. Erin is one of my oldest we've known each other for about 25 years! After she and her hubby, Dan spent the past couple years working and living in Afghanistan, it was time to settle in and start a family. Just a short 9 or so months later, pretty little Laurel was born! I was honored to photograph her and the whole family shortly after her birth. What a beautiful family!

{Children} Thomas Turns 1

This sweet hunk-a boy turned 1 not too long ago and his mom, Julie asked me to do a 1 year portrait session. Let me tell you...he was as sweet as can be and was a total ham for the camera. I'm confident that we brought some happy color to an otherwise dreary day. Happy Birthday Thomas!

{Wedding} Kathryn & Brandon

This post is embarrassingly overdue, however this was one of my most favorite weddings ever! Every aspect of this wedding was beautifully thought out and just as beautifully executed…that’s what makes the best event, right? From the rustic, yet romantically classy venue, the Old Cigar Warehouse, to the flowers with tiny succulents nestled within deep fall-colored hues by Statice Floral Couture, the details of Kathryn and Brandon’s decisions created a warm, sweet, and utterly gorgeous atmosphere. The ceremony, by the lovely Danielle Baker, was so sweet, you could just feel the emotions oozing from the words of the couple. The ceremony space was seamlessly transformed, via a cocktail party on the veranda, into a party place that was every bit as beautiful as it was entertaining. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wedding guests dance like they did that night. Everyone was just so ecstatic to be there…making their love for the couple so apparent. I felt blessed to be a part of every minute. So cheers to you, Kathryn and Brandon, and to one of the best marriage kick-offs I’ve ever attended!

As always I was lucky enough to have my dear, very talented friend and fellow photog, Lyndi Simms, there as my partner in crime!

Happy Birthday Brayden!

So I have this amazing friend, Jennifer. She's one of those friends that is there for you no. matter. what. and has been there more than I could ever thank her for over the past 7 years (she entered my life right about when my mom passed away). Well, enough about her...she happened to marry this great guy, Drew, who happens to share my birthday, which is today, by the way (Happy Birthday to you too, Drew). Long story short, they have this amazing kid, Brayden. He's the sweetest, smiliest, snuggliest little munchkin and I've just fallen in love with him over the past year through many photo shoots and just getting to know him! His birthday was yesterday and I decided to take a moment to look back at his first year... and I'm photographing his party this afternoon!

{Birthdays} Taylor Turns 1!

Yet another chance to spend time shooting a family I adore! Taylor's big brother, Wade has been a long time friend and classmate of Lila Grace's. And man, these brothers are C.U.T.E.—red-headed and feisty and oh so sweet! Taylor's 1st birthday party was a circus theme—lots of bright colors and the best "smash cake" I've seen. It certainly was a fun time had by all...especially Taylor!

{Children} The Ruth Boys

These two completely define the phrase "ALL BOY!" We have been lucky enough to get to know the Ruth family over the past few years. Our older children have been in the same pre-school class from the beginning. I was thrilled when Wendi contacted me to take some pics of her sweet boys. It was especially fun for me because, being a mom of 2 girls, I got a glimpse of what being outnumbered by guys would be like...two words...crazy fun!

{Family} Coleman Cousins

This was another exciting chance to photograph some longtime friends' babies! Harrison and Michelle, brother and sister, and their parents have been friends of the family for as long as I can remember. How cool is it that they had babies within months of each other, Harrison, a boy and namesake, Harrison Jr, and Michelle, a girl, Amelia. Harrison lives in Louisiana and Michelle in Texas, so when they both happened to be in town on the same weekend visiting their folks, they jumped at the chance to have a photoshoot done. It was a chilly, damp morning on the farm but we managed a few treasures!

{Wedding} Liz + Matt

This couple is as cool as they come...and so was their wedding! The weather was more than anyone could wish for...warm and sunny with a little touch of fall in the air. An intimate ceremony in the Vardry Mills Ruins in Falls Park was followed by a sleek reception at Genevieve's. The ceremony had touches of rustic with hand-painted wooden signs and an oversized chalkboard that doubled as one big program. After the ceremony the guests were invited to enjoy refreshments in the shelter by the river and, after a lovely walk through the park, were welcomed to Genevieve's to dine, drink and dance. The couple arrived early to the reception and enjoyed a private dinner on the terrace...such a great idea! Genevieve's sweeping floor to ceiling windows overlooking all of Riverplace along with orchids dripping from every table made for a uniquely modern yet classy evening. As always, I couldn't have done it without the lovely Lyndi Simms as my sidekick photographer extraordinaire!


Back to the Blog

I could say I've been too busy, which I have. I could say I've been doing too much work, that's true too. What I can't say is that I have been blogging. What I can say is that it's time to get back to it. To take the time to tell some stories of the wonderful people I'm so blessed to photograph. I also can say I've been shooting. A LOT. Which is awesome. I've never felt better about my skills or more excited about learning and the future. So there you go. Now, someone needs to hold me accountable! 


{Family} The Gowers

One of the most wonderful things about being a photographer is when I get to do a session with old friends. The ease of conversation, the pride of seeing how we've grown and changed, the trust of a lifelong relationship. It's seriously one of those magical things. I've known Meredith since we were 5, and Brad since we were 12, and Meredith and Brad as a couple for 15 years...yep that's right they've been together since 10th grade!  Both of them are the most genuine people...full of beauty inside and out. And then they decided to have a kid. And let me tell you...Ford is drop dead adorable and such an insanely perfect combination of his parents. 

Thank you Mere Bear and B-rad for inviting me to take these pictures of you.