{Wedding} Kathryn & Brandon

This post is embarrassingly overdue, however this was one of my most favorite weddings ever! Every aspect of this wedding was beautifully thought out and just as beautifully executed…that’s what makes the best event, right? From the rustic, yet romantically classy venue, the Old Cigar Warehouse, to the flowers with tiny succulents nestled within deep fall-colored hues by Statice Floral Couture, the details of Kathryn and Brandon’s decisions created a warm, sweet, and utterly gorgeous atmosphere. The ceremony, by the lovely Danielle Baker, was so sweet, you could just feel the emotions oozing from the words of the couple. The ceremony space was seamlessly transformed, via a cocktail party on the veranda, into a party place that was every bit as beautiful as it was entertaining. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wedding guests dance like they did that night. Everyone was just so ecstatic to be there…making their love for the couple so apparent. I felt blessed to be a part of every minute. So cheers to you, Kathryn and Brandon, and to one of the best marriage kick-offs I’ve ever attended!

As always I was lucky enough to have my dear, very talented friend and fellow photog, Lyndi Simms, there as my partner in crime!