{Engagement} Katie & Dylan Farm Session

Katie is a dear sweet friend who came into my life not so long ago. She is like a little sister to me…So when I was asked by her boyfriend (at the time) to go in cahoots with him to “stalk shoot” his proposal to her, I was beyond elated! She and I were working together at the time so believe it or not we were on an overnight photo shoot together for the entire day before the day of the proposal…talk about hard to keep a secret! I even tried to throw her off a little! Well it obviously worked because the proposal went perfectly, and Katie was completely shocked. The weather didn’t so much cooperate, but I think the rain added a lovely element of romance and surprise.


After Katie and Dylan were engaged for a bit and settled into wedding planning, we decided to plan an engagement session out at my family farm. It was a beautiful day and this gorgeous couple shined in their love for one another. I’m excited to attend their wedding as a guest on June 28 at the Certus Loft, and I just know Jessica, from A Darling Day, will do a wonderful job capturing their special day. Cheers to you Katie and Dylan!